we are making XR as an asset for every company

We are focusing XR for Industry

weAR is an innovative Italian SME that has been supporting 4.0 companies in the process of digitizing their processes since 2014.​

The weAR vision envisages the use of extended realities (VR, AR, MR) such as Advanced Human Machine Interaction to better use data from Industry 4.0 / 4IR components

the problem we want to solve



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Workforce productivity (lack of training, retired senior personnel, outdated process).

By 2030, there will be a global human talent shortage of more than 85 million people, which could result in about $8.5 trillion in unrealized annual revenues (Korn Ferry)

Inadequate communication, or lack of streamlined workflows

Employees who are not engaged or who are actively disengaged cost the world $7.8 trillion in lost productivity, which is equal to 11% of global GDP (Gallup)

Data management and analytics: difficult to retrieve complex data directly on the field, to make informed decisions. Poor data quality is responsible for an average of $15 million per year in losses for organizations (Forbes)

"The simplest way to link phisycal word with digital world!!"

Our solution

MARKO is a codeless authoring tool, to create and share user manual via augmented reality directly over real asset

More productivity

Better communication

Enhance data mangement

weAR S.r.l.

via del Mulinetto 35

44122 Ferrara


Tel. (+39) 0532-766940

Email: info@wear-mobile.com

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